Investment Consultancy

Investment is main instrument for British and Turkish entreprenuers to locate themselves in the counter market. United Kingdom has made the third number of greenfield investment projects in Turkey since 2003 with more than 6 Billion US Dollars investment. Also Turkish companies realised more than 1 Billion USD Dollars investment in the UK market also. In the light of this macro picture, Investment and M&A Consultancy Service of Trade Bridge Int. provides multi solutions to British and Turkish investors to realise their investment activities with higher efficiency, lower risk and long term profability.

The Investment and M&A Consultancy Services of Trade Bridge Int. includes;

  • Market Researches
  • Defininition of Target Investment Opportunities
  • Performance Reporting of Potential Targets
  • Risk Analysis
  • Contact Management with Selected Target Groups
  • Optimisation and Defining Investment Targets
  • Audits an On Site Checks
  • Due Dilligence Consultancy
  • Contract Managment
  • Organizational and Structural Consultancy

  • Please don’t hesitate to contact us to get more information about our service portfolio and butique solutions for specific needs of you company relating to your exporting, exhibition and investing activities.